When we associate with a client, we just don't do the job but we take full responsibilities for it. We take pride in being a part of customer's problem and don't leave it until we address the problem to the highest level of customer satisfaction.


We take extreme precaution in protecting client's information and data. In addition to the defined processes at our end, we follow any external steps/guidelines provided by our clients.


We prefer to listen more and talk less and let our work speaks for us. We give priority in understanding client's problem in depth before suggesting any solution.


Background Story

FairDice was born in early 2014 to provide quality IT solutions at a reasonable cost within the given time frame. We at FairDice give utmost importance to understanding the customer's need and expectation before thinking of any solution.

Over the period of years, FairDice has successfully delivered several solutions in different business domains. We take pride in our team members and believe that a good team with positive attitude and morale can surely match the client's expectation. When we look back to see our delivery and commitment, we proudly say "WE DID IT!".

Background Story

What is a Fair Dice?

FairDie (Plural “Dice”) is a die which has an equally likely chance of landing on any face, when rolled. For a single roll of a fair s-sided die, the probability of rolling each value is exactly 1/s. For n rolls of a fair s-sided die, the probability of any result is 1/sn.

Using Fair Dice in gaming industry invokes Transparency and Trust. That is exactly what we strive to achieve with our customers at FairDice Technologies. When you work with us, we provide you fair solutions on each face.

Background Story


At FairDice, we do what is right, not what is easy.


We commit to excellence by providing quality software products/solutions.


Here, data is transformed into knowledge, software is solution, team is family and work is fun.


We strive to exceed the client expectations.

Background Story


Rich experience in developing highly customised solutions for diverse business domains.


We are always upto date with the latest trends in technology


We have a dream team of skilled personnels


We provide low cost solutions with commitment to serve our customers in the best possible way.


Though implementation of any new technology has never been a constraint for us, following are the most common platforms that we usually use to support our clients’ requirements.


What We Offer

Web Application Development

We possess several years of technical experience with top notch companies both in India as well as overseas countries building enterprise level web application which are highly configured and secured.

Mobile Application Development

Looking for Native Mobile Application development? We at FairDice are quite experienced to deliver the same to you.

Client Server Applications

In case your application does not need web based solutions but need a client server model, do let us know. We have plenty of experience in delivering numerous client server solutions to clients from different parts of the world with very large scale implementation.

On-site Off-site Development

In case you would like to get your development work done within your premises for any reason, we can help you out setting up the necessary development environment at your end.

AD Hoc IT Processing Job

Have some archival data in any format and you are looking forward to consolidate or generate and MIS out of it. Contact us to get a FREE consultation on how you can convert your data to meaningful information.

Server & Hosting

Along with the development work, we can also help you to host your database and application in various servers and you can trust us to manage on
behalf of you.

Staffing & Placement

Looking for IT Consultants to work for you for specific period of time. We provided high skilled manpower who will adhere to your work environment and take responsibility of the job.

Survey Programming

We have been providing industry standard Survey Programming services since 2007 for all kind of interviews using our proprietary platform "eRaay". For more information on eRaay, please click here

Market Research

We provide market research field services, qualitative/quantitative/social/industrial researches, transcription and data analysis services in association with our partners. For best prices, please contact us today.

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